Open Data Products

SAEON’s uLwazi Node develops a number of products and tools that provides government, researchers, and students free access to and visualisations of spatial and non-spatial data and information. 

COVID-19 Vulnerability Product

This online resource provides data and visualisations to support the planning and response to the COVID-19 Pandemic locally and nationally in South Africa.

Products and Services

Data and Metadata Store

SAEON offers the ability to store metadata and datasets in a secure environment that protects the intellectual property rights of the data providers. Metadata must accompany all datasets that are archived or published in our Open Data Platform.

Open Data Platform

SAEON hosts and develops open data systems and applications, which are distributed on an Open Data Platform (ODP). The ODP allows for the publication, discovery, dissemination, and preservation of Earth Observation and Environmental Data in South Africa.

Digital Object Indentifiers

SAEON is able to issue Digital Object Identifiers (DOI’s) for published datasets through DataCite, making the data available in international catalogues. All datasets with DOI’s have quality assured metadata, and can be cited in scholarly publications

Observation and Instrumentation Protocols

The SEACRIFOG Collaborative Inventory Tool serves to systematically capture information on relevant variables, observation infrastructures, existing data products and methodological protocols.

Global Change Data Centre (GCDC)

The GCDC is a quality assured subject-based knowledge repository focused on global change data produced by the earth and environmental science community of South Africa. The GCDC provides a consistent and harmonised way of exploring quality-controlled data, from a large variety of by data providers and formal sources.

Tracking Progress Towards SDGs

SAEON has embarked on the development of a district-level SDG indicator dashboard tool. The tool links higher spatial and temporal resolution data from a variety of sources to each of the 17 SDGs as well as the National Development Plan (NDP), and Medium Term Strategic Framework (MTSF).

GIS Tools and Plugins

The team has built a ready to use QGIS Plugin searches the Carbon Sinks Data Collection and fetches the data from relevant SAEON databases and loads the data into your QGIS map view. The Plugin provides services for querying, sub-setting, and downloading data. We are currently busy extending the plugin to search all SAEON's data sources.