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SAEON is mandated by the Department of Science and Innovation (DSI) to preserve and provide access to earth and environmental observation data for South Africa. 

Please note that South Africa is under lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic. To keep in line with the call to minimize exposure and risk of transmission SAEON is working from home as far as is possible. Most staff are maintaining regular working hours and can be contacted via email.

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open data platform

uLwazi (meaning ‘knowledge’) curates data and develops open data systems and applications, which are distributed on an Open Data Platform (ODP).  The ODP directly supports and allows users free access to and visualisation of spatial and non-spatial data. This includes impacts of global change on human and natural environments. Open Data refers to data that is freely available, can be accessed, used and/or changed and republished by anyone.​

Data Publication

The SAEON Open Data Portal (ODP) offers the ability to store metadata and datasets in a secure environment that protects the intellectual property rights of the data providers. Metadata must accompany all datasets that are archived or published in the SAEON ODP. All metadata will be publicly accessible, to allow potential users to locate datasets of interest to them.

our vision

Publication, discovery, dissemination, and preservation of global change data in South Africa for the support of innovative research and evidence-based decision making to bring about social, economic and environmental benefits.

SAEON’s infrastructure is based on standardised metadata and discovery tools, with FAIR principles embedded into SAEON’s systems and data curation procedures.

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open data resources

COVID-19 Vulnerability Product

This online resource provides data and visualisations to support the planning and response to the COVID-19 Pandemic locally and nationally in South Africa. ​

SAEON's Repository

SAEON has established the data curation workflow where each dataset published to our Open Data Portal can be assigned a Digital Object Identifier (DOI).

featured projects

The South African Risk and Vulnerability Atlas (SARVA)
The National Climate Change Information System (NCCIS)
The Marine Information Management System (MIMS)
BioEnergy Atlas (BEA)