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Exploring Global Change Risk and Vulnerability in 21st Century South Africa

In this workshop session, we presented South African Risk and Vulnerability Atlas (SARVA) 3.0 Beta Portal and demonstrated a number of our new tools including: Climate Risk Atlas, Air Quality Dashboard, SDG Goal 3 (Health) Dashboard, and updated Data collections to further support global change research

National Climate Change Information System (NCCIS) Training

The Beta Version of website, including the NCCRD and NDAO systems, was released in August 2019 and presented training workshops in Kimberly, Durban, Nelspruit run by the Department of Environment, Forestry and Fisheries (DEFF). The site is in the process of being tested before its official release on March 2020. The sole purpose of this BETA Version is to conduct testing and obtain feedback. A ticket logging system to report bugs, lack of functionality or other problems on the beta website.

Integrating R functions with QGIS​

A one day training course on working with Geospatial data in R and QGIS was lead by Hayden Wilson and Bonolo Mokatsi at the 2019 SAEON Graduate Student Network. The data for the students to use during training was sourced data from the SAEON Open Data Platform. The Course then went on to provide students with an introduction to importing data into R, displaying the data and querying metadata and the attribute tables of the spatial data. The students worked through an example, where they investigated the fire frequency within the different vegetation classes within the Kruger National Park.​