uLwazi – SAEON

About Us

SAEON has seen significant growth in the past two years in the scope and activities of its Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Team. SAEON has established a new node (uLwazi – ‘Knowledge’), based in the City Centre in Cape Town. SAEON Ulwazi node is the central unit with the focus of supporting SAEON and the stakeholders in the environmental and SET field with data products and systems.

The Node has consolidated funding across a range initiatives and have created a decision and policy support unit with wide-ranging capabilities and numbering up to 35 funded positions. The hope is that this team will address a number of challenges with data availability and open access to data both from SAEON scientists and from other organisations.

uLwazi is uniquely positioned within SAEON to assist South Africa to effectively respond to long-term global change. The integration and publishing of data products and systems in an understandable and accessible manner will facilitate the decision-making process and allow for a defensible response to a range of social, economic and environmental drivers.

Distinctive Team

Growing capacity and skillset within the team with 35 funded positions including software developers, data curation specialists, data scientists, and infrastructure managers.