uLwazi – SAEON

National Climate Change Information System

For the past year, the SAEON uLwazi node has been developing a ‘data services ecosystem’ and websites for climate change adaptation for the Department of Environmental Affairs. Each service serves as an individual component for a different aspect of climate adaptation, including adaptation monitoring and evaluation, climate change response, and detailing disaster impact along with additional services which tie the system together.

This system includes the following services and websites, which integrate with each other to form an ecosystem:

  • Vocabulary Mediation Service (VMS) – A mediation/transformation service for vocabulary data that standardises data output structure and semantics
  • Identity Service (IDS) – A single-sign-on for all the systems
  • National Climate Change Response Database (NCCRD) – A database that hosts a variety of climate change responses and their details
  • National Hazardous Events Database (NHE) – A database that describes hazardous events to better understand how people, infrastructure and different economic sectors are impacted by an event
  • National Climate Change Information System (NCCIS) – A monitoring and evaluation questionnaire and database designed to identify the strengths and weaknesses in government and industrial climate change adaptation strategies